The medium of instruction isEnglish
The School provides the following subjects in its curriculum-
Part I – Tamil/Hindi(optional)
Part II – English(Compulsory for all)
Part III – High school level:

Core – Science

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Computer

Core – Social

History, Civic Studies, Geography, Economics

Primary Level:

1. Mathematics, General Science
2. Social Studies, Environmental Awareness
3. Value Education

Apart from these sports activities, moral education, arts and crafts, library, dramatics, debate and other such co curricular and extracurricular activities are also included for the all round development of the child.

General Instructions

The reports of the performance of the students in the tests and Exams would be sent home within ten days of the completion of the test or exam.

However the parents(both mother and father) must come in person to collect the report cards at the end of every term exam. Each student who has failed to meet the pass percentage will be made to repeat the same class another year. If he/she fails again, he/she should be withdrawn from the school.

Parents are asked to note that the report card carries record of non academic components like uniform, personal discipline, attentive in class, completion of worksheets/home works, book & notebooks maintenance, punctuality, attendance, conversation, participation in various activities and overall improvement. This is to help bring about all round development in the child. Parents are asked to pay attention to these details.

Rules and Regulations of the School


Punctuality is an important virtue in a man. It is to be developed and made a habit right from a young age. All students are expected to be in the school premises well before the first bell (09.00am). Failing this the student would not be allowed to enter the first hour class. He/She would also be marked absent for half day. However students who come by the Metro Transport Corporation from areas where services are not regular, would be given grace time till the second bell (09.10am).


The Uniform is the identity of every student belonging to the school. It improves the self confidence and self esteem of the student. Therefore it is of great importance that each student comes in complete and neatly pressed uniform daily. Students who fail to comply with the school policy in Uniforms will be not allowed to enter the class.


A general school assembly would be conducted every Monday and Friday morning. All students are expected to be present in the general assembly. Students are expected to maintain complete silence and discipline in the assembly. If found not to, he/she would not be allowed to enter the class room.


In order to maintain certain standard in the education and discipline of the school, we are coming with this report sheet. This is also to help you keep informed of your child's progress and performance in school. We are looking forward to your complete cooperation.

The report sheet will carry all complaints and dissatisfactions regarding your ward. The first three times, the parent would be expected to sign the report sheet and send it to the class teacher.These sheets would be filed to keep track of the ward's performance. The fourth time the report sheet comes home, the parent is expected to meet the respective teacher in person and submit the sheet. This will also be considered as a warning.

If the report is filed for any reason on the ward for more than 5times, the ward is eligible for suspension as stipulated by the management. Two suspensions would affect the promotion of the ward to the senior class.

Disciplinary Activity

The Following Acts of in discipline leads to compulsory withdrawal

Regular late reporting to the school

Irregular in bringing books, completing & submitting notes

Repeated defaulters in uniform formalities

Copying in the Examinations

Taking Notebooks & Textbooks of other students without permission or returning

Causing disturbance during class hours

Damaging School property like benches & desks, library books, Lab equipments etc.

Found talking in groups outside school in school uniform after dispersal

Habitually availing leave without acceptable reasons

Parents are requested to consider this seriously.

Guidance & Counselling

The School has a well planned Guidance & Counselling programme. The students are sure to benefit from the same. The emotional development of the child is closely monitored and the child is counselled according to his/her individual needs.

There are value education classes planned for classes UKG to VIII where spiritual guidance is imparted to the students. Apart from this, students from classes IX onwards are given guidance in career planning based on their advantages and disadvantages.

There are guest lectures, seminars and workshops organized through the academic year to impart to the students a cutting edge above others.

Our School

Sivasakthi Matriculation School was started as a Kindergarten school in 1990 with 20 students. Today we have successfully enrolling their students with

For Parents

Parents are requested to co-operate with the school in maintaining discipline, inculcating diligence, initiative, upright behaviour and courtesy

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